Second Alarm Struck on Tiffany Dr.
By Firefighter Michael Stamets
October 9, 2023

At 03:48hrs early Monday morning, Palmer Township Police units on routine patrol near the border of Palmer and Bethlehem Township came upon large flames in the area of Chipman Road and Bethman Road in Bethlehem Township. Palmer Township Police officers reported a well-involved two-story single-family dwelling with heavy fire from the back of the house coming through the roof. Initial reports of occupants trapped was unconfirmed. The Nancy Run Fire Company, Bethlehem Township Volunteer Fire Company, and Palmer Municipal Fire Department were alerted on the working fire dispatch at 03:50hrs. A second alarm was requested at 03:55hrs. Chief 1452 arrived on scene at 03:59hrs confirming the report of a working fire, with flames from the Bravo exposure and roof of the dwelling. The first Nancy Run and Bethlehem Township crews arrived on scene at 04:00hrs. The initial fire crews from the Truck and Engine company forced entry into the dwelling, making an aggressive offensive fire attack with fire heavily involved on the interior of the dwelling. The fire was reported under-control at 04:44hrs and declared out at 05:13hrs.

Two of the homeowners were injured in the fire, with one suffering burns and another with respiratory distress. Both homeowners were transported to the hospital for evaluation. The resident’s dog, a yellow-lab mix, was unable to be located.

One Nancy Run firefighter was taken to the hospital for burn injuries. A 28-year-old, 11-year member at NRFC was treated at the hospital and released with second-degree burns sustained from interior firefighting efforts on the initial fire attack.

The cause and origin of the fire are under investigation by the Bethlehem Township Fire Marshal.

Units: 1421, 1412, 1413, 1442, 1711, 1712, 1741
Mutual Aid: 27, 25, 54, 53, 50, 15, LC2