Nancy Run volunteers start 2018 with over 150 calls for service.
By Lieutenant Michael Stamets
February 23, 2018

The Nancy Run volunteers have begun the new year in traditional fashion, with over 150 calls for service in the first two months. January brought Station 14 almost 100 calls, totaling 97 for the month. Tower 1421 and Engine 1411 were called to service for two mutual aid structure fires, including a high occupancy structure fire in Palmer and a commercial structure fire in Fountain Hill. Rescue Engine 1411 responded to 20 motor vehicle accidents, three reported vehicle fires and several helicopter landing zone set-ups. Engine 1412 saw its workload with several gas/odor investigations, fire alarms, and a first-due response to a fully involved dwelling fire in the Township. Township companies operated on-scene at 3722 Ironstone Road for several hours, arriving as the first due engine and truck company. The fire was deemed accidental, but resulted in one civilian fatality and three firefighter injuries. Two Nancy Run members from the first due engine company, performing a search for the trapped victim, were forced to perform a bailout through a large bay window after rapid deterioration of conditions inside the dwelling.

February continues to keep members busy, with almost 60 calls for service with a week left in the month. Rescue Engine 1411 responded to several motor vehicle accidents throughout the first due. Rescue tools were put to work with two entrapment calls, including a rollover on the Interstate 78 ramp and a three vehicle pin on Oakland Road.

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